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November 11-13, 2018
  • Reactive Lipids in Biology and Disease: Tenth Biennial Meeting of the International 4-Hydroxynonenal Club.
  • November 11-13, 2018, Reactive Lipids in Biology and Disease, the Tenth Biennial meeting of the International 4-Hydroxynonenal (HNE) Club, will be held at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • This 10th Biennial Meeting of the International Hydroxynonenal (HNE) Club is a satellite conference of SfRBM and the annual meeting will be held in Chicago immediately following the biennial meeting. More about the SfRBM annual meeting can be found here:  sfrbm.org/meetings/2018-annual-meeting


SFRR-E Meeting Ferrara 2019

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Oxygen Club of California

The Oxygen Club of California (OCC) is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to enhancing education and promoting research in the field of oxidants, antioxidants, nutrition, micronutrients and free radicals in biology and medicine with the goal of promoting human health.


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